Welcome to The Octagon Ladies' Repository.

Lynne Bury and Elizabeth Rock, Proprietors

68 West Marion Street, Doylestown, OH 44230
phone 330-855-4251 or email octagonlr@aol.com
The Zimmerman-Bury Octagon House is located on State Route 57,
just South of the 585/57 intersection,
6 miles North of Orrville, & 10 miles South of Wadsworth


The Octagon Ladies' Repository is proud to celebrate 25 years of business. Thank you so much for your continued patronage.

We are part of a four generation family of Civil War Re-enactors who have spent over forty years researching and reliving the fascinating history of the mid 19th Century in the United States. Our interests have led to working at the Kent State Fashion Museum, various Historical Societies, wholesaling to stores and businesses all over the country, and memberships in many nationally recognized, patriotic and fraternal organizations. For the past twenty-five years we have served the re-enactment community as dealers of women's and children's period clothing and accessories. Over this period we have created our own line of clothing patterns, a needlework series, and published a national magazine as well as other publications, all dedicated to the fashions and lifestyles of Civil War era women. One of our passions as re-enactors is to share any information, gleaned from the 30+ years of reading and research, with anyone who has need of it. All orders can be placed via email or phone. We accept personal checks (requires address, phone and drivers license # and security code), and PayPal. Business owners Lynne Bury & Elizabeth Rock also serve as board members of The Zimmerman-Bury Octagon House Association, Inc. which was built in 1883 and is a National Historic Landmark that has undergone restoration since 1973. The ZBOH offers house tours, Victorian teas and workshops, and a unique store on the site of the original carriage house. In addition to 19th Century reproduction items, patterns, antiques, collectibles, & historical crafts, this shop will feature antiques and collectibles from several family estates. The selection offered will be constantly changing, and hours will vary.

A "Repository" is a resting place or keeping place for something important enough to be preserved. Therefore, we are striving to preserve many aspects of a mid 19th century woman's life which would express her styles, occupations, and daily activities. We hope to accomplish this through our adaptations of the period clothing, patterns, accessories, crafts, and needlework.

***The Octagon Ladies are also available for many lectures & workshops on various topics.***
***The Zimmerman-Bury Octagon House is now available for
Private Tours, Teas, Meeting Accommodations & Victorian Dinners***