Designed and created by Lynne Bury and Elizabeth Rock, our goal in producing the sewing patterns is to provide authentic looking items for the beginning Civil War seamstress with average skills, using simple construction methods and  clear instructions.  Those patrons with more sewing experience can easily use more authentic methods if desired.  All of our patterns are taken from either period magazines or designs based on items typically pictured in numerous period photographs, or original items.  We have tried to size our patterns according to modern size charts, but you should always check measurements carefully and it is always advisable to try each pattern in scrap material or muslin (which could be later used for a lining), first to ascertain correct size and fit.  As with any new project ... READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!  All patterns allow for a 1/4" seam allowance.  Most sewing patterns are multi-sized.
All knit and crochet patterns have been converted from original publications from the mid 19th century.  Modern terminology as well as needle and thread size have been suggested.
We wish you well with your undertaking and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to write or email us.

Categories: Capes & Cloaks // Nightwear // Headwear // Accessories // Children's Patterns

Bodices, Dresses & Jackets

Ballgown Bodice - $10.00

Basquine Bodice - $12.00

Bodice with Bretelles - $12.00

Maternity Dress - $12.00

Spanish Jacket - $10.00

Zouave Jacket - $12.00

Capes & Cloaks

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1863 Peterson's Cloak - $12.00

One size fits most

Algerine Shawl - Mantle - $12.00

One size fits most

Autumn Pardessus - $12.00

One size fits most

Pardessus Danois - $12.00

Sizes 10 to 18

Valencian Cape - $12.00

One size fits most

Velvet Cloak - $12.00

One size fits most

Naim Cloak - $12.00

Sizes 10, 12, 14


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1853 Dressing Gown - $12.00

Ladies Nightgown - $12.00

Watteau Wrapper - $12.00


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Capote Bonnet - $8.00

As shown in the June 1864 issue of Peterson’s Magazine, the Capote Bonnet features a stiff brim, soft crown, and back piece. This style adds height to face and is best trimmed with many small millinery flowers above the forehead.

Cottage Bonnet - $8.00

As shown in the December 1861 issue of Peterson’s Magazine, the Cottage Bonnet features a stiff body by using Amish Bonnet Board. This Pattern makes a Bonnet which fits over a large chignon or hairpiece on the back of the head. Pattern can be shortened on the line indicated if you wear your hair closer to the head.

Drawn Bonnet - $8.00

As shown in the May 1857 issue of Godey’s Magazine and June 1864 of Peterson’s Magazine, the Drawn Bonnet body is gathered by 5 casings which can house either milliner’s wire or feather boning. This style frames the face nicely without giving too much height above the forehead.

Scotch Cap - $8.00

Lady's Hood - $10.00


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Fichu - $8.00

Three Belts - $8.00

Traveling Bag - $8.00

Men's Cravat and Smoking Cap - $8.00

Children's Patterns

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Infant Drawers/Underdress -$10.00

Newborn Practical Dress - $10.00

1856 Infant Robe - $8.00

Pantalettes/Chemise - $10.00

Dress with Tucks - $10.00

Dress with Ties - $10.00

Dress with Yoke- $10.00

1864 Godey's Dress - $10.00

Walking Dress Bodice - $10.00

Paletot for Little Girl - $10.00

Basic Jacket - $10.00

Child's Garibaldi - $10.00

Boys Pantaloons - $10.00

1857 Boy's Cloak - $10.00

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